Handshake decentralized naming and certificate authority

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Connecting to HandShake Sites

Method 1

Connect via hns.to by
using the format name.hns.to

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Connect to my HNS Site

Method 2

1. Install resolver
2. Connect Directly to HNS name

Install Fingertip

Connect to my HNS Site

Get a free HNS Domain

1. Create a Namebase.io account here
2. Join the Handshake Discord channel
3. Visit the #support channel, share how you discovered Handshake and Namebase.
4. Request a free name to play with

Donate HNS

Email: contact@nathan.woodburn.id.au
HNS: hs1qtyk8f8uvdwujewzpazs4gvv8g8yy84lyjanqrx